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Fried Rice - 9

Choice of chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetable, or combination (+ $4)    

Wok-tossed with egg and BOK special sauce

Wrinkled Green Beans - 6

Wok-tossed in a sweet, garlic oyster sauce

Stir-fried Spinach with Garlic - 6

Wok-tossed, house sauce

Gai Lan - 6

Chinese Broccolli wok-tossed in a garlic oyster sauce

BOK Fried Rice - 14

Combination of chicken, steak, and shrimp. Wok-tossed with rice, vegetables, extra egg, and special spicy sauce

Heidi Fries - 7

Crispy seasoned fries

Cucumber Salad - 5

Sliced cucumbers, crushed peanuts, and red onion. Tossed in a light dressing

Baby Bokchoy - 6

Wok-tossed, house sauce

Seaweed Salad - 6

Homemade Asian Slaw - 4

Green Chili Pepper Vectgor.png
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= spicy

= can be prepared gluten free

* = Items are made to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.